Plastic Double Spacer

Plastic Double Spacer

To complete your insulating glass with a plastic decoration.

PLASTIC DOUBLE SPACER is a rectangular cover strip, made of plastic material reinforced with fiberglass. The colors are similar to RAL 7035, 7040, 9004 and 9016.

The function of the cover strip is to fill the space, in the interspace of the insulating glass, behind the panels of English or Tudor style windows.

PLASTIC DOUBLE SPACER has a height of 21 to 31 mm, a length of 5 meters and a width of 9.5 and 11.5 mm. The wall thickness is approximately 1.2mm. The bars are packed bulk in cardboard boxes.

The strips are secured to the frame of the insulating glass by means of transparent or black plastic ends and connected to each other by means of gray or black plastic crosses.

PLASTIC DOUBLE SPACER can be used with CHROMATECH ULTRA F and S spacers and the various versions of the MULTITECH range.

The ends, in the frames made with CHROMATECH ULTRA F or S, are normally secured, from the outside of the frame, with special guns that shoot nails or staples. The working pressure of these equipment must be kept to a minimum.

For MULTITECH spacers, to avoid cracks in the plastic material, it is recommended to drill the profile section with subsequent anchoring of the ends by means of a screw.

The holes drilled in the outside of the frames (from the nails, the staples or the screws) must always be closed by covering with butyl or a special self-adhesive aluminum tape.