Optimal thermal performance and exceptional bending capabilities.

CHROMATECH ULTRA F is a modern spacer profile consisting of hard plastic and a reinforced, stainless steel structure with parallel and transverse slots.

CHROMATECH ULTRA F spacer measures 6.9 millimetres high, 5 or 6 metres long, and wide in a measure which may range from 7.5 to 23.5 millimetres. The steel thickness of 0.10 millimetres makes it resistant and flexible.

The spacers, tied in bundles of 16 bars, are packed both in cardboard boxes and in stillages.

CHROMATECH ULTRA F can be cut to manufacture frames with plastic corners or bent using all bending machines available today on the market.

CHROMATECH ULTRA F spacer profiles come in several colours: Light Grey (similar to RAL 7035), Window Grey (similar to RAL 7040), Black (similar to RAL 9004), White (similar to RAL 9016), Light Brown (similar to RAL 8003) and Dark Brown (similar to RAL 8016).

CHROMATECH ULTRA F spacer bars painted black on both sides are recommended for the production of glass curtain walls for which the highest aesthetic quality is required, as they prevent possible irregularities during the butyl’s application and impede the sight of spacer’s sides..

To solve particular needs, a version of the profile called CHROMATECH ULTRA F2 was designed and manufactured. It differs from the basic product only in the use of a different plastic material.

The features and documentation of CHROMATECH ULTRA F2 can be requested from our Technical Service.