A particularly designed warm edge spacer profile.

CHROMATECH PLUS spacer bar is made from stainless steel and characterised by parallel and transverse slots, which improve its mechanical properties and refract light. The ribs in the visible part also perform the function of light refraction.

The spacer has the following dimensions: height of 7 millimetres, length of 6 metres, and width varying from 7.5 to 19.5 millimetres. The thickness of 0.15 millimetres increases the Psi coefficient, as compared to CHROMATECH, and the slots make the bar even more resistant and rigid.

The spacers, fastened into bundles of 16 bars, are packed into cardboard boxes or, on request, into stillages.

CHROMATECH PLUS can be used in the production of frames with plastic corner keys or bent using bending machines for stainless steel with specific manufacturing options.

Its particularly resistant structure makes, it suitable for the realization of exceptionally large and/or heavy windows, as well for horizontal walkable windows.

CHROMATECH PLUS spacer profiles can be supplied in Natural and Painted Black finishes. In the latest version, the top layer of the spacers (the flanges and the uppermost 2 millimetres of the sides) are black-painted.