The most solid spacer available on the market.

FERROTECH spacer is made of galvanised steel and is characterized by a thermal conductivity lower than that of aluminium.

FERROTECH has a height of 6.5 mm, a length of 6 metres and a width ranging from 5.5 to 23.5 mm. The thickness of 0.38 mm makes it the most resistant spacer profile section for double glazing items.

The spacers are packed into cardboard boxes or, on request, into stillages. The profile sections in the cardboard boxes with thickness of 5.5 and 7.5 mm are flanked by a thin sheet placed between the layers, while those with greater thickness are tied into bundles of 16 bars.

FERROTECH can be used in the manufacture of frames with plastic corners or bent using all bending machines available today on the market.

Its particularly resistant structure makes it suitable for the manufacture of exceptionally large windows walkable and truckable horizontal glazing as well as for the construction of fire-resistant glass.