Optimal thermal performance, good rigidity and particular design.

THERMIX TX PRO is a modern spacer profile consisting of a particular tecnopolymer stiffened with two highly resistant stainless wires. The bar is partially covered by a very thin stainless steel foil which helps the sealant adhesion and acts as a gas barrier.

The spacer bar measures 6.85 millimetres high, 5 or 6 metres long, and wide in a measure which may range from 7.5 to 23.5 millimetres; the high-quality stainless steel coating, just 0.09 millimetres thick, makes it resistant and flexible.

The spacers, which are tied into bundles of 11 bars, can be packed into cardboard boxes or into stillages.

The 5 and 6 meter cardboard boxes are sold loose or in wooden crates containing 28 or 35 boxes, which must have the same length but which can be of different thicknesses and colours. The 5-meter cardboard boxes are not in stock but produced only on request.

THERMIX TX PRO can be cut to manufacture frames with plastic corner keys or bent using every bending machine available today on the market.

THERMIX TX PRO is supplied in the following colours:

  • standard: Light Gray (similar to RAL 7035) and Black (similar to RAL 9005),
  • on request: Dark Gray (similar to RAL 7040), White (similar to RAL 9016),
  • Light Brown (similar to RAL 8003) and Dark Brown (similar to RAL 8016).

In glass curtain walls or in all applications where maximum aesthetics are required, the use of THERMIX TX PRO painted black on both sides is recommended, which prevents the view of partial portions of the profile section or any irregularities in the butylating.