Optimal thermal performance and high level of stability.

MULTITECH is a new, very stable spacer bar made of reinforced polymer enhanced with a special metalized multilayer gas barrier foil.

Thanks to the high barrier properties of the multilayer foil, which is extremely thin, MULTITECH is positioned as one of the warm edge spacer bars with the best linear thermal transmittance performance (Psi) available on the market.

A MULTITECH spacer profile measures 6.5 millimetres high, 5 or 6 metres long, and wide in a measure which may vary from 7.5 to 26.5 millimetres. The thickness of 0.9 millimetres makes it resistant and highly rigid.

The spacers, which are fastened into bundles of 16 bars, can be packed into 5-metre long cardboard boxes or into steel containers with a capacity of 5 or 6 metres.

MULTITECH can be bent using bending machines with the Heating option, welded with special equipment, or cut and assembled with traditional corner keys.

MULTITECH spacer bars come in multiple colours: Light Grey (similar to RAL 7035), Titanium Grey (similar to RAL 9023), Black (similar to RAL 9004), White (similar to RAL 9016), Light Brown (similar to RAL 8003) and Dark Brown (similar to RAL 8016).