Chromatech Ultra S

Chromatech Ultra S

Probably the most stable composite spacer available today.

CHROMATECH ULTRA S is the new composite material spacer profile designed and developed by Research and Development Department of ROLLTECH A/S in order to further improve the mechanical performance of CHROMATECH ULTRA F.

In CHROMATECH ULTRA S the stainless steel strip is inserted in the plastic cover which is produced with a different material even if it has the same design of CHROMATECH ULTRA F. Moreover the plastic covers about 1.8 millimetres of the upper part of the profile’s flanges.

CHROMATECH ULTRA S measuring 7.5 and 9.5 mm thick have a reinforced, stainless steel structure with parallel slots, whilst those with a thickness of 11.5 millimetres and with a measure greater than the latest one present also transverse slots.

CHROMATECH ULTRA S measures 6.85 mm high, 6 metres long and wide in a measure which may vary from 7.5 to 25.5 millimetres.

The spacers, fastened into bundles of 16 bars, are packed into cardboard boxes or into stillages.

CHROMATECH ULTRA S can be cut for the production of frames with corner keys or bent by almost all bending machines available today on the market.

Its plastic cover can be supplied in multiple colours: Light Grey (similar to RAL 7035), Window Grey (similar to RAL 7040), Black (similar to RAL 9004), White (similar to RAL 9016), Light Brown (similar to RAL 8003) and Dark Brown (similar to RAL 8016).

CHROMATECH ULTRA S is produced in Denmark by ROLLTECH A/S and the sale on the Italian market has not yet been scheduled.

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